Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Joel Willitts' review on Rob Bell's Love Wins - part 2

Joel Willitts has written the second part of his review on Rob Bell's Love Wins. (Click here for the link.)

He outlines three claims that Rob Bell has made, and then critique accordingly. Here are excerpts of what he says about Bell's claims. (You will need to read the entire post by Willitts to get what he means.)

"The first claim represents an issue of colossal importance because if Rob Bell is in fact correct then we indeed need to repent immediately of our misguided and toxic understanding of the Gospel and push restart. We need to reboot our theological hard drives. If we have the Gospel wrong we won’t have much else right."

"The second claim about the importance of question asking is interesting. And there is indeed some truth in what he’s said in my opinion."

"The third claim is perhaps the least able to stand up under the weight of the evidence not in its favor."

(Click here for Willitts' full review.)

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