Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tearfund's "Silence No More" report - The church to speak up

Silence No More is a report from Tearfund UK. It is about sexual violence in the world and calls the church to speak up for vulnerable women and children. (Click here for the report.)

Here are some key points from the report.

"Prevalent in conflict, sexual violence is common within communities worldwide – but as an issue it remains largely hidden. Women, girls, men and boys are all at risk of sexual violence."

"This report highlights three key points about the largely untapped potential of the church in preventing and reducing the impact of sexual violence:

1 Sexual violence is endemic to many communities across the world but its scale and impact are largely hidden.

2 Many churches deepen the impact of the sexual violence crisis through silence and by reinforcing stigma and discrimination. Action is needed to overcome this.

3 Churches worldwide, and especially in Africa, have huge untapped potential to respond to the crisis, as they are a key part of communal life."

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