Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The resurrection of Christ as God's reign and in real life (Michael Gorman)

Michael Gorman has written a short reflection on the resurrection at Easter, which is not only relevant at Easter but the entire year.

Gorman begins with this:

"Today, of course, is Easter. In my experience, there are two types of Easter sermons: those that are primarily soteriological–what Christ’s resurrection means for us–and those that are primarily Christological–what Christ’s resurrection means for Christ. The latter type is also the rarer, and the former tends to be rather lightweight, theologically speaking.

I would naturally tend to prefer the more theological, the Christological, but of course Christology cannot be separated from soteriology. Easter is is not about us, first of all, but is about us, finally, and about God’s entire creation."

Gorman then shares some real life examples, as well as some good stuff from Tom Wright.

Click here for the full post in Michael Gorman's blog.

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