Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Climate justice: Some reading suggestions

The Evangelical Alliance is running a seminar at Ridley College on climate change this weekend. (See here for details.)

I am slowly working through Romans 8 (and hence Genesis 1) and try to make sense on this issue from a biblical perspective. I find this issue exceedingly complex because it cuts across several disciplines: Bible, theology, economics, climate science, and indeed politics.

The following are some suggested readings (especially for those from an evangelical tradition, and most of my friends are in that tradition).

  • Creation in Crisis edited by Robert S White. I haven't read this yet. But I have read Robert White's Cambridge Paper at The Jubilee Centre in the UK about a Christian view on creation care. I think it's of very good value. The contributors to the book include scientists, theologians, and development practitioners from different continents. They include C Rene Padilla, Michael Northcott, Richard Bauckham, Douglas Moo and his son Jonathan Moo.

  • Christopher J H Wright's Old Testament Ethics and the Mission of God both have a chapter on the issue. I find Christopher Wright a gentle and careful scholar who can communicate at a popular level.

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