Monday, March 14, 2011

Kavin Rowe's book: World Upside Down

I really want to buy C. Kavin Rowe's book World Upside Down: Reading Acts in the Graeco-Roman Age.

I managed to find a few quotes from Daniel Kirk's blog post. (Click here for the post.) Here they are.

“To see the potential of the Christian mission for cultural demise is to read it rightly. Indeed, this is but the flip side of the reality that God’s identity receives new cultural explication in the formation of a community whose moral or metaphysical order requires and alternative way of life” (146).

"In Luke’s telling of the story, the formation of alternative communities, with alternative cultures, is inseparable from the reality of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead to be lord over all. Moreover, the existence of such communities, with their alternative forms of life, become the context within which the truth can be spoken and known. Thus, the Christian claims are “madness”–but only to those without eyes to see." (161-162)

“Acts narrates the life of the Christian mission as the embodied pattern of Jesus’s own life… Put succinctly, according to Acts, the missio Dei has a christological norm” (173).

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