Thursday, April 15, 2010

N T Wright on Genesis 1-3 and Adam

Here are two very short video clips in which N T Wright suggests how we should read Genesis 1-3. Simple and easy to understand. Worth watching.

On Adam and Eve. Are they myths? What are myths anyway?

Click here to view.

On the Genesis story

Click here to view.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1,100 attending a conference at Wheaton to listen to Tom Wright - Why?

Tom Wright will be speaking at a conference at Wheaton College, a well-known Evangelical seminary in the world. Apparently 1,100 people will be attending. Michael Bird has posted something in his blog about why so many are attending the conference at Wheaton.

Click here for the link.

"The End of Reformed Evangelical OT Scholars" (Michael Bird)

Something to ponder!

Michael Bird, an Aussie New Testament scholar from the Reformed tradition, post a link in his blog entitled "The End of Reformed Evangelical OT Scholars". It is about the resignation of two very respected Old Testament scholars from Reformed seminaries. One of them is Bruce Waltke, who is a well-known professor at Regent College, Vancouver (which is widely thought of as a good evangelical college). The other is Tremper Longman, who is also a well-known scholar.

Click here for the link to his blog.

Another post is also worth reading. It is from Professor John Stackhouse at Regent College. Click here for the link.